Clothesline Wreath

Wreaths are commonly associated with death. I’m sure that right now you’re thinking about an enormously large and colourful bundle of flowers sitting atop a coffin. Erase that image from your mind. The clothesline wreath is a simple adornment for your front entrance. All it requires is a foam circle, a skein of clothesline, and ¼ yard of fabric. You can play with colours and fabrics to create something that matches your identity.


Handmade Decor

Handmade home decor has been a popular DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project for centuries. Before the advent of modern technology, the Amerindians in the Caribbean crafted handmade jewellery and idols of their gods that could be displayed in their huts. At Masterfair, we have taken a unique approach to some traditional handmade accent pieces. Traditionally, interior designers have had a limited perspective on viable home décor options. Accent pieces have been limited to vases, paintings, bold furniture, and visually appealing light fixtures. With Masterfair, you can be sure that you will get a one-of-a-kind accent piece that very few people would ever consider- a handmade toy. We not only want to expose you to our handmade toys, however. We also want to increase your awareness of other subtle handmade gifts that can serve as unique accent pieces for your home.